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Tropical Sundays

Every Sunday, we'll be featuring a different cocktail from the canon of classic Tiki, along with a Caribbean classic. We will also be showcasing our own creativity with a new house cocktail and our House Blend Daiquiri, featuring our 5 rum blend for those who like a lil oomph with their rum. See y'all then!

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Sundays Selection
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House Blend Daiquiri
Our House 5 Rum Blend with Sugar and Fresh Lime. Refreshing, yet still boozy.
Category 5
Our take on the classic Hurricane. House 5 Rum blend, House Fassinola, Lemon.
Barbados Rum Punch
A classic Barbados staple. Aged Barbados rum, simple syrup and fresh lime topped with grated nutmeg.
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (1947)
Another Trader Vic classic. Drinks like a Daiquiri, but with more oomph: Demerara Rum, Dry Curacao, Falernum and Fresh Lime.
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