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Whisk(e)y Wednesday

2 Whisk(e)ys chosen by the staff that is half off regular pricing. These tend to be rare and or more expensive whisk(e)y.

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Cow Tippin'
Rum, Orgeat, Cream, JM Shrubb, Allspice
Rum Cow
Rum, Milk, Honey, Nutmeg
Rum Flip
Rum, Ginger Simple, Whole Egg, Nutmeg
House Blend Daquiri
House Rum Blend, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup
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Too Funk To Drunk
A boozy tiki-style cocktail with a silky mouthfeel. 2 hefty and flavorful rums balanced with bright tropical flavors and a hint of bitter.
‘Pear’fect Couple
Mezcal, pear, ginger and lime are paired with some bitter grapefruit and herbal notes to light up your smokey night.
Chocolate Strawberry Old Fashioned
Big and Boozy bourbon based. This libation is a riff on the classic old fashioned bringing notes of chocolate strawberry and of course bourbon to an all time classic
Named after the whale in the ocean that can not speak to others. This cocktail is a combination of strawberry basil and lemongrass that should leave no one alone on Valentine’s Day. Meant to enhance the motion of the ocean.
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