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Our product is something else, we use fresh ingredients, we source locally as much as we can and everything we do is with thought, care, and love. Our menu is 100% plant based and believe that sustainabity doesn’t mean you have to compromise on that mmm mmm flavor.

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House Blend Daiquiri
Our House 5 Rum Blend with Sugar and Fresh Lime. Refreshing, yet still boozy.
Category 5
Our take on the classic Hurricane. House 5 Rum blend, House Fassinola, Lemon.
Barbados Rum Punch
A classic Barbados staple. Aged Barbados rum, simple syrup and fresh lime topped with grated nutmeg.
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (1947)
Another Trader Vic classic. Drinks like a Daiquiri, but with more oomph: Demerara Rum, Dry Curacao, Falernum and Fresh Lime.
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Johnny P & The Wiseguys
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